High quality training and behavioral sound desensitization cds for dogs of all ages. Audiophile for dogs.

Canine Sound Desensitization / Habituation

Sound desensitization has been used successfully for years to combat sound phobias in dogs. Is your dog afraid of sounds?

Thunderstorm phobia, fireworks phobia, traffic noise phobia....all these are common problems many dogs face.

Sound desensitization takes time and patience to accomplish but in the long term, it has advantages over traditional therapies. Once your dog is desensitized, you are not required to be there when the trigger events occur. How many times have you been away from home and realized a thunderstorm is coming; then rush home to give your dog a valium?

All discs are digitally recorded, mastered, and reproduced for maximum effectiveness. All discs include instructions for use. Whether you are preparing your new competition dog, raising and training small puppies, or own a phobic adult, you will find the discs easy to use. Also terrific to steady service and working dogs.

The best love you can give your dog is calm in our loud world. Many dogs aren't equipped to deal with loud things naturally. Besides natural occurances, our world is artificial and for HUMAN benefit. The ability to ignore threatening sounds can be a life or death situation. These cds are a step towards giving your dog a head start.
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Benefits The Goldstock Fund and The Smiling Blue Skies Cancer Resource Centre, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.


Puppy Sounds
Give your
puppies a
head start

Indoor Agility Trial
For your
agility competition

Obedience Trial
For your
obedience, rally, or
conformation dog

Is your dog
sensitive to

Fireworks Sounds
For fireworks