Fireworks Sounds for desensitization training

Do you have a dog with fireworks sound phobia dog that you need sound desensitization for? Do you worry when the neighborhood kids set off firecrackers? This is the fireworks sounds cd for you!

Do you have a litter that needs fireworks sound conditioning? Many working puppies can use sound desensitization early on to make them very steady at work. This is the sound desensitization cd for you!

High quality training and behavioral sound desensitization compact discs for dogs of all ages. Audiophile for dogs.

This CD is for fireworks sound desensitization, litter conditioning / habituation and for treating dog phobia to fireworks. Directions are included in the CD. Sound phobia in dogs is tough to treat and some may only respond to drug therapy. This CD is for mild to moderately sound phobic dogs and best used under the direction of a trainer, veterinarian, or behaviorist.

The fireworks tracks on this cd were collected from several fireworks events and represent a variety of sounds: small firecrackers, whistlers, large city fireworks displays with deep booms. It is digitally mastered for maximum realism.

$20 plus $4 shipping and handling

Need advice?

Need advice or a consultation about your sound sensitive dog? Try here.

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