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How to use the cd:

Start at whisper levels when the pups' eyes first open. Slowly carefully and with great attention to the pups, raise the volume level over the rest of the weeks the pups are with you.

I do my litters once a day starting with their day meals. If your bitch is sensitive to the sounds, remove her from earshot while you do this.

Always look for any signs of stress in the pups. They can notice the sounds but should not jump, back up, or cower. If they do, turn the volume down IMMEDIATELY. You have gone too fast too soon.

By the time the pups are 7 weeks old, they should be getting their meal and pretty much playing or sleeping through the sounds after the meal. The very best reaction the puppies can have to this cd is to ignore it. The volume should get high enough to bother YOU but never the puppies.

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