Obedience Trial Sounds

Obedience Trial Sounds and Dog Show Noise

Whether you are working your go outs, your stays, your 360 turns, or your ups and backs, you'll find this Obedience Trial Sounds CD an excellent too. Competitors in conformation, obedience, rally, or conformation all can use this show noise sounds disc equally.

68 minutes of the most soupy noisy dog show you ever heard. Recorded at a giant 2000-entry cluster show in a concrete hall, there were a dozen conformation rings off to the right with crating and grooming. Barking, clanging, clacking jump boards, applause, general loud dog show noise of lots of happy competitors and dogs. The very friendly judge in this ring was easy to understand over the noise and his directions are quite audible.

This dog show sounds CD is an excellent tool for preparing shy dogs or brand new dogs coming to a show. It's also handy for working on those nagging "in the ring only" problems.

Three wild conformation applause tracks were added to the end of this CD for dogs who react adversely to applause. The sounds on this disc are beneficial to rally, obedience, and conformation dogs who react to dog show applause.

$20 plus $4 for shipping.

Digitally recorded, mastered, and reproduced for maximum believeability. Your dog will think he/she's at the show. Use a good playback system if you can but it isn't a requirement.

New! MP3 available for download!
This is NOT something you can download then turn into a cd. You must buy a physical disc if you plan to play this on your cd player.
You know who you are. If you have to ask, then please order the disc listed above. Please don't ask me for a refund/replacement if you download the mp3 then can't play it!

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