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Airport Sounds - Jets and commuter prop planes taxiing. I recorded this from the rooftop of a airport parking garage overlooking an entire gate wing. There are no real take offs from here but that is not the point.

If you are going to ship a pup by air, this is what the pup will hear for his/her trip. Make it easier for the pup. Imagine the fright going up a conveyor from a little luggage truck with all this around you. And you're in a small box you may or may not have ever seen. Your puppy owner on the other end will thank you to get a pup who is not as stressed.

Train - An Amtrak passenger train arriving at a station with train whistles and the low reverberation of the tons of metal, the squeal of the brakes. Good for low frequency sensitivity.

Traffic noise - simply traffic going by at lunch rush hour. Loud trucks, cars, everything else. Good for dogs who will be out in public places with traffic. I have heard comments from many show people that their dogs don't like the sound of traffic or bolted due to loud traffic. Well here is your chance. This is not a substitute for adult dog traffic desensitization sounds lasting for longer periods. If you have a working dog such as a police dog, or live in an extremely urban area and need to work on an adult, I recommend my full length traffic cd. Short tracks are good for pups but can be memorized by older dogs and become less effective.

If you would like to concentrate on any of the subjects on the cd, I may have longer tracks for you. Alternate them with the puppy cd.

Helicopter - A medical helicopter taking off from a hospital landing field. If you have pups that may be used for search and rescue and find themselves in a helicopter, this is an excellent track. Repeat the track to them many times.

Kennel Sounds - a typical kennel. One dog is jumping repetitively on its kennel walls. Good for later boarding steady nerves. Your pup should be happy boarded while family is on vacation later.

Stressed Dogs - The dogs in this track were in a veterinary clinic. They were pre and post surgical. One dog was on an IV when I was there. Personnel are in and out checking on them. The purpose of this track is special. Your pups will hear the stress communicated by the dogs in the audio. They can hear the stress but not be affected. I hope it will bring you easier trips to the vet with your dog. They won't be affected as much by other dogs nearby who are stressed. You say "Yes you CAN hear these dogs and still be just fine yourself!"

Fireworks - May you never need this track.

Do not take your dog to fireworks shows. I learned my lesson the hard way.

I was looking for a far away place for a 4th of July fireworks display one year. I had my dog with me, an FC AFC son with good gundog training, but thought us safely away from anything really loud. I was wrong. It was overcast and the fireworks shells exploded low right over our heads. It was like being in a war. My dog crouched in terror and I suddenly realized I might lose him. For good. I could see the Lost Dog signs.

I shouted "WHERE'S the BIRD?" and he associated the fireworks with the gunfire he'd heard. He figured thousands of birds were just about to fall just for him right on his head. The ground was hopping. We made it through but I really don't think people should have a dog near fireworks. It's just not safe.

Nevertheless, here is a track so your at home pup does not get alarmed by them in the distance. It might also be good for pups who might be exposed to artilliery in the future.

Thunderstorms - use a longer track to desensitize an adult. This track is for the babies. Be it they never turn an ear again to thunderstorms. Again if your dam is sensitive to this, remove her from earshot.

Field Guns - field guns and whistles that simulate what you would hear at a field event. Dogs barking in the background. Good for any future gundog or any pup that might hear gunfire in the future. Yes they CAN tell the difference between fireworks, car backfires, and guns. Repeat this track and bring it to their attention!

Orchestra Warm Up - an odd track but service dogs, pets, any dog might hear an outdoor concert with an owner.

Percussion - Celeste, xylaphone and tympani. The things in an orchestra that might go boom. This should interest pups.

Geese and Ducks - for future gundogs.

Sheep - for your herding pups.

Either of these tracks could be repeated and used in whatever way you would like to shape your pups' reaction to the animals they'll work with in their future life.

Home Sounds - Vacuum, kitchen sounds, garage door, lawn mower. I did not spend a huge amount of time on these sounds but rather provide sounds you can't get. You can and should provide some home sounds yourself. These are included because maybe it's not the season for lawn mowers at your house. Or you don't own a vacuum because you have hardwood floors. The kitchen sounds include what would be on a Volhard test. Hopefully you have used the cd so Volhard is walk in the park. Right?

Babies Crying - I have been told by folks who breed and raise seeing eye puppies that the one thing that might confuse a service dog away from his/her person is the sounds of a child in trouble. Fear not if you use these tracks.

Kid Arcade - more on the subject of child-safing.

Food Court - a busy food court with chopping of veggies on a grill, and one very obnoxious toddler. Yes this was just one kid. Thick busy sounds for your pup.

Skateboard Indoor and Outdoor Sounds - two tracks by request. For dogs who have trouble with the odd moving object that makes the bad sizzling sound. The indoor tracks have more booms from the wooden ramps of a skateboard park. The outdoor sounds concentrate on the wheels scrubbing against rough concrete.

Outdoor Applause - Let's have a nice round of applause for these puppies!

Indoor Show Sounds/Applause - this track is of a 2000 entry cluster show during groups. Nice loud soupy room sounds interspersed with group/BOB applause.

Dog Dryer - the infamous dog dryer in a show setting. Get your pups ready for their first baths.

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