Is your dog afraid of thunderstorms? This thunderstorm cd can help your dog with thunderstorm phobia. Litters of working puppies can use thunderstorm desensitization sounds to make them very steady as adults. Whatever your situation, give your dog thunderstorm confidence by using thunderstorm desensitization techniques.

Enjoy the full spectrum of this professionally engineered recording that will be an effective tool for working with your dog. Dogs react reliably to this recording.

High quality training and behavioral sound compact discs for dogs of all ages. Audiophile for dogs.

52 minutes long. Two tracks of a thunderstorm passing by. This is a natural, accurate, pure digital recording of a moderate storm with sounds of thunder, rain pattering on surfaces.

For litter conditioning or for treating thunderstorm-phobic dogs. Directions included with the CD. Sound desensitization is best used on mildly to moderately phobic dogs and under the direction of a trainer, veterinarian, or behaviorist.

In stock and available
$20 plus $4 shipping and handling.

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